Scan to Spreadsheet

Quick Start

1.  Start the app

2.  Tap the + in upper right

3.  Tap OK, will use default name

4.  Detail screen will open

5.  Tap barcode button

6.  Scan a couple barcodes

7.  Tap White X in upper left

8.  Tap email or share button to send

Manual Entry

Inventory Example

1.  Start the app

2.  Tap the + in upper right

3.  Change name to “Inventory”, Tap OK

4.  Tap gear to open spreadsheet properties

5.  Turn “Auto save on scan” to OFF

6.  Tap Column A

7.       Change Column 1 name to BARCODE

8.       Tap < BACK

9.  Tap Column B

10.       Change Column 2 name to QTY

11.       Tap 12345 for Keypad

12.       Tap < BACK

13.  Tap Done

14.  Scan a barcode

15.  Type a number for quantity

16.  Tap + on tool bar to manually save the row.

17.  Repeat at step 14 to conduct inventory

Create spreadsheets and collect barcode scans.

This app will record an unlimited number or spreadsheets and rows. GPS coordinates and the date/time of scans are included. Customize how you want the app to work.