Create a barcode

QR Code

CODE 128

Common barcode Can contain over 1,500 characters

Used for numbers; Can hold 30 characters

Your barcode

  1. Right click the barcode
  2. Click "Copy image"
  3. Open document
  4. Paste the barcode
Addtional barcode resources

Create multiple barcodes with Google Sheets

  1. Open a new Google Sheet
  2. In column A (CELL A1) enter the value you want in the barcode.
  3. Then enter this formula in the second column (B).
    =if(isblank(A1), "BLANK", image(""&A1))

    Or use this formula for Code 128 barcodes.
    =image("" & A1)
  4. Repeat to create a list. Make sure the formula in column B refers to the correct cell in column A.
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