I’m CEO of Berry Wing, Andrew Berry. Data collection and problem-solving have been career common denominators for me.

Berry Wing

Started in 2008 with writing the most basic apps for the original iPhone.

Now Berry Wing apps are sold worldwide in the Apple App Store and Google Play. Berry Wing also has a private label customer base most of the United States and spans 6 countries. Supporting verticals such as warehousing, delivery, field service, education, medical, just to start.

Both Scan to Spreadsheet and Scan to Web offer flexible data collection. Using barcode scanning, Bluetooth low energy beacons (BLE, iBeacons, Eddystone) for IoT (Internet of things), speech to text, GPS location. Give app users automated ways to quickly complete tasks as well as track information accurately and quickly while doing so.

My presentation at One Million Cups:

The Past

First, as a home inspector in Philadelphia, I observed the nature of building and facility defects then had to connect what the issue meant to the safety and maintenance of the home. Home inspection led to software development.

Each day as inspector was long and had three distinct tasks that occurred; the inspection, travel to and from the sites and report writing. I saw that report writing could be improved with technology and set to writing software in Microsoft Word 6 macro language to speed up this process. The other inspectors at the firm immediately saw the value and used the software.

Grown software development demand allowed me to change careers. Now working in Minnesota on big and small software projects led me to the hardware data collection, also known as barcode scanning. Rugged devices from brands like Symbol, Motorola, Psion, Intermec, fascinated me.

The mobile devices in the early 2000s used wireless networks and are the founding technology of the smart devices we use today.

Barcode scanning gave me experience in multiple disciplines beyond just mobile software development. Wireless networks, use of technology in business, working with requirements, sales processes, and key lessons from business mentors. Each one integral to helping customers and people solve problems.

Enter the iPhone.

We’ve only recently begun to understand what we can do with this technology. Smartphones are ubiquitous and they can do so much to help business and people. Time-consuming tasks that were not a problem before now could be solved so easily and inexpensively with smart devices.

Barcode scanning, data collection, material handling, attendance. Tasks that needed a paper, pen, and clipboard are now efficient and even fun to complete with smart devices and the right app.