Scan to Spreadsheet solves some of the most annoying business problems.

Scan barcode information, such as inventory, receiving, or attendance into a spreadsheet, even offline!

The feature that makes Scan to Spreadsheet attractive to so many of our customers is the ability to use it offline.

If you need to collect barcode scans in an area with no cell phone coverage Scan to Spreadsheet will still work. For instance, a solar power company uses Scan to Spreadsheet to document service work in areas with no internet access.

Most useful app!

by Another event admin

We love the scan to spreadsheet app! We use the app to scan entry tickets to an event. The app provides a date/time stamp for each ticket scanned. This provides very useful data for marketing and long term planning. Love this app!

Life Savers

by Milowe

Struggled with what I was trying to accomplish but their customer service was awesome and gave me step by step instructions and even created the first steps of my project so I could take it over and finish. Life savers!
Wanda of Ignition Edu

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