Embed a barcode scanner in your website | Business Data Collection Tools

You can incorporate a barcode scanner in your website such as a barcode scanning button into your HTML web page.

Barcode Scanner in your website

There are a couple of options.
All of them work with both Android and iOS versions of Scan to Web.
The basic command is to open this URL
For instance use an HTML link

<a href="bwstw://startscanner">Link to start scanner</a>

It is also possible to start the scanner in a JavaScript function.

<button type="button" 
<img src="http://berrywing.com/images/barcode_2d.png" style="height: 50px; width: 50px">

function startBarcodeScanner() 
	alert("Using client JavaScript to start scanner.");
	window.location.href = 'bwstw://startscanner?field=txtField2';

When considering Private Labeling Scan to Web, using the HTML Barcode Scanning Button within your web app would allow for removal of the visible toolbars in Scan to Web. This will make your web app use the entire screen of the smart device.

Give it a try. Open Scan to Web and set the home page to this URL

If you still need to get Scan to Web for your smart device, get it here: