Barcode Scanner App – New Year, New Ideas | Business Data Collection Tools

Of course, Scan to Spreadsheet is more than just a barcode scanner app, and we aim to make it even more amazing. This is your opportunity, as our scanning heroes, to let us know how to make things better.

We've had a great year and a lot of great clients, so we want to make sure that we're meeting your needs. Plus, we have plans on changing up the app, but we want your input.

It’s time for some change!

We love to hear real-life examples of how you use our app, and what you'd like to see in updates.

For example, we never realized that the beep that represents a successful scan would be a problem until Paul from Atlantic Utility contacted us:

"Is it possible to turn the scan noise off when using this app? We do yardchecks fairly frequently and the only way to stay sane while scanning so many pieces of equipment is to listen to music. Your app is great and works just as it is supposed to with one downside… Every time we scan a barcode it stops whatever you are listening to! We have tried listening to pandora, spotify, music downloaded on the phone, podcasts, etc. Whenever a scan is made, it pauses whatever is playing and doesn’t resume!"

We were happy to help! We created an on/off switch for the sound. Paul was happy to get the update!

"Just tried it out and that is perfect! Thanks again for making that change.

It’s really cool that you made that change and trust me, we truly appreciate it!"

It's Your Turn

Now's your time to give us input. We'd love to know:

  1. How are you using the app?
  2. What can we do to make it better?
  3. Can we contact you for more information?

Get back to us via:

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