Our Barcode Scanner app and more on YouTube | Business Data Collection Tools

If you have a question about our apps, especially our top downloaded and private labeled app, Scan to Spreadsheet, our barcode scanner app, chances are you can find the information you need on our YouTube Channel. We've also divided everything into playlists to help keep everything nicely organized.

Here's some of what you can find there:

Scan to Spreadsheet (Barcode Scanner app)

Our Scan to Spreadsheet app has a lot of features, so we've put all the related videos on the Scan to Spreadsheet playlist. For example, Scan to Spreadsheet for iOS now has lookup on scan. Have a long list of scan codes and want to use scan to spreadsheet to lookup information? You can find that video here.

Our list of videos also includes our most important video, Scan to Spreadsheet Give me the basics. This one will help you understand how to use the app.

Scan to Spreadsheet Pro

Our newest addition to our family of options has plenty of videos to help get you up to speed. Now you can use your laptop to manage the Scan to Spreadsheet app. You'll find all of the related videos here, including this one that introduces everyone to the basics of Scan to Spreadsheet Pro version:

If you are interested in knowing more about Scan to Spreadsheet Pro, check out the information on how to register/sign up for the monthly subscription service here.

Scan to Web

Scan to Web is like a sandbox for a developer. Get in there and have fun with it! Like this video, you can do a lot of different things with the app.

You'll find more info on the app here.

Other Apps

Back when we had time to develop fun apps, we created some games and because staying healthy is important to us, we created an app to keep you moving. You can find those here, but here's the fun, time to move app video!


And that's the list so far! If you want to keep up with our new videos as they come out, go to our YouTube channel and subscribe!