The Death of Windows CE and What You Can Do Today | Business Data Collection Tools

It’s coming! The day Windows CE dies.

The bell tolls on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Wow, this is a bittersweet day for me in particular. Windows CE may not ring bells with the majority of you. However, if you invested tens of thousands of dollars on rugged technology you know exactly what this is.

On Its Way Out

Windows CE is the operating system of the most popular mobile devices that existed before smartphones became a thing.  Examples of those early devices include Symbol MC9090, Intermec CK70, Datalogic Skorpio to name a few.

There are countless articles in industry circles on the subject of Microsoft shedding its mobile operating system line. Manufacturers of rugged devices have been moving to this for years and it appears that Android is replacing Windows devices.

Now What?

For those that still have Windows CE (Windows Mobile, PocketPC, and other Microsoft mobile devices) you are left with hardware that will eventually have to be replaced. Some of you, no doubt, are having a lot of anxiety because there are Applications you use every day for your business on these devices. Applications that will not work on Android.

We’re Ready

Here is where Berry Wing LLC can help. We understand your situation. Our 20+ years of experience is on ALL mobile devices. Not just the new Apple iPhone and feature-rich Android devices. We started way back with Windows CE 3 and Embedded Visual Basic (eVB).

If you are left with applications that you need to be migrated to newer Android devices, we can help. We’ve already helped multiple customers take advantage of new devices with our existing apps Scan to Spreadsheet and Scan to Web. Modifying these apps to meet the specific needs of the applications they are to replace.

Therefore, let us know you have older Windows CE devices with dedication applications. We can help you. Drop us a line. And don't be surprised if you hear directly from me, or our director of Sales an Marketing, Brandon Archer.

Andy Berry, CEO