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Who’s taking notice of our barcode scanning app?

We’re so honored to be considered among the top barcode scanning apps. We’ve had a lot of organizations, companies, and blogs share their reviews and information about us.

Want to know what people are saying? We’ve pulled together some of our reviews in one place.

App picker took a look at our app and said. “Thankfully, developers such as Berry Wing LL have gotten it right, so that you can scan barcodes properly on your device without unnecessary difficulties.” Awww! Thanks App picker.

You can find more information here: named us one of the top seven barcode scanning apps! “Offering a completely different kind of functionality, Scan to Spreadsheet is a smartphone application that is designed for retail and warehouse workers to account for physical inventory, cycle count, and asset tracking.”

Their Top Seven Barcode Scanning App blog says: “These apps are available for a variety of smartphone platforms and offer a range of advanced functionality.”

Find more information here: named us one of the top ten barcode scanning apps. “You can input information using the built-in barcode scanning option or manually key in information.”

The top ten list from Barcodes Inc says “One of these free or inexpensive apps below can turn the phone you already have in your pocket into a powerful data-collecting barcode scanner for many basic inventory management, asset tracking, and ticketing needs.”

Find more information here: named us one among one of the 36 top barcode scanning apps. That’s a lot of apps, but still, we’re proud! “Scan to Spreadsheet is a simple app with simple functionality.” Although, keep in mind the app has been upgraded a few times since this blog post!

An important note from their blog: “Handheld scanners are designed for use in industrial settings, warehouses, and other applications where durability is required. But they can be heavy and bulky, and, let’s face it: They’re not always convenient.”

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Top Barcode Scanner Apps (for iOS and Android): The 36 Best Apps for Scanning and Reading Inventory Barcodes

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