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We are blown away by the fact that we are listed in the top iPhone apps for business!

That's Right! We have a top iPhone app for business!

Scan to Spreadsheet top business app

As of January 2017, there were over 2 million apps available for users to download for their iPhone. With all those apps to choose from, we're still continually listed in the 30's and 20's!

We’re pretty sure it’s because of our supportive, smart app users who have found an easy way to scan barcodes, record inventory, track maintenance, and all other uses they can find for barcodes, spreadsheets, and data.


We're Honored People Leave us Great Reviews


We have also been blown away by our reviews!

Not everyone is willing to take the time to write a positive review, so we love getting to see what people like about our product.

As Cbking111 writes, "I have worked with some of the big companies in terms of inventory control and I am amazed by this product. This company truly understands the needs of inventory teams and has built an incredible product."

Scan to Spreadsheet ReviewThanks, Cbking111!



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