Your Cool iPhone Feature – Use it as a QR Code Reader! | Business Data Collection Tools

Last time we talked about using your iPhone as a barcode scanner, but what's really cool is that you can use your iPhone as a QR code reader without any third party app!

Did you know that iOS 11 includes a super cool feature for scanning QR codes? It’s no longer necessary to have a third party app on your iPhone to scan and follow QR codes to their destination. In this case, it only works with QR codes that lead to websites.

How to use your iPhone as a QR code reader?

  1. Open the camera feature on your iPhone,
  2. Point it at a QR code

The phone will ask you if you want to open the information that the QR code directs you to.

We love this feature! So the next time you spot a QR Code on a poster, banner, in a museum, etc., just point your camera and get immediate response to find more information.

Also, check out the example video we created on YouTube. We’ve used a Roller Derby poster as the example QR Code.


FYI: If you need to create a QR code, we have a free QR code creator on our website.

QR codes can direct you to a variety of information, including links to websites, events, email address, contact information. Having quick access to this type of information can be very handy, so this feature to use the iPhone as a QR code reader is pretty helpful.

Have you tried this feature? What did you think?