Inventory Control and Location Management with Scan to Spreadsheet Pro | Business Data Collection Tools

Inventory control can be tricky, especially if you’re still doing it the old-fashioned way. For example, Sue runs a cell phone store. She has a lot of inventory to count. Checking a list off of a clipboard doesn’t really help her quickly see what’s missing or look at her shrinkage rate.

The Easier Way

With unique barcodes placed on each cell phone or inventory piece, a Scan to Spreadsheet Pro membership, and Scan to Spreadsheet, Sue can simply scan the barcodes for her inventory control. The app sends information, including location, directly to an online spreadsheet. No clipboards, no highlighters necessary.

An example of the Map It view on Scan to Spreadsheet Pro:


To get started, you first have to take your initial inventory. For this scenario, it's best to have one person do the scanning to keep the list to one spreadsheet.

It’s as easy as:

  1. Create a barcode for each item (You can use our free barcode generator or use a company that specializes in durable barcode labels like Camcode; so there is a unique barcode for each product.)
  2. Print barcodes
  3. Secure each barcode to an item
  4. Sign up for Scan to Spreadsheet Pro
  5. Have someone on your team get the app Scan to Spreadsheet on their phone (They enter a code given to you when you sign up and it connects the information to your Pro account)
  6. Create the list by scanning each item and entering relevant details


Now that you have your initial inventory, the next time you run your inventory, you can compare to other lists to see what’s missing or changed:

  1. Go into your Pro Account
  2. Open your new inventory spreadsheet
  3. "Compare" to an older inventory list

See how it's done in our video!



We say we save you time and money, and it’s true. No more spending time searching for what’s missing.

Check out our 7-day trial period with Android (ios coming soon!) and let us know how it works for you! Your feedback is paramount!