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Fill out your web form using our Voice to Text option with our Speak to Web update! That's right! But first, let's talk about all the updates.

Cool Updates for Scan to Web Version 5

We keep hearing from developers and app users about updates they want to see and now it's time to deliver some of those requests, including our new voice to text option for your forms.

After barcode Scan

We've added a bunch of options for when you're barcode scanning. Including:

Tab to next field

Web forms with many fields can take advantage of tab to next field. When this option is on, the cursor will move to the next field after each scan. 

By selecting the "Continuous scanning" the app will automatically reopen the imager for scanning after each successful scan.

Javascript after scan

For web developers who want complete control after a scan! Check out more information on our developer help page.

Duplicate Scan Check

Next up, you can check for duplicate scans. When this option is selected, the app will give you a warning if the same item was scanned. "This value is a duplicate scan: (value here).”

Speak to Web

We have a revolutionary new method for filling in web forms with our speak to web functionality! Speaking to web pages will fill out the forms. A great entry method when typing is cumbersome and barcode scanning is not available.

There's a sample to practice in the app, but you can say the word of the field, such as "Name" and then the field's data such as "Nancy." Our app will fill in that field for you! This is perfect if you don't have time to type or need to keep your hands free.

Check out the option here! 

Feedback Please!

And we really want to hear how things are going with the updates! How are you using the app, is it working for you, and any other updates you’d like to see. Email us and let us know!

See everything here:


All of these changes are available for both iPhone and Android